Community & Education

Arizona Pro Arte enriches the valley not only through engaging music making, but also through our belief in the power of music. We strive to connect with others through sharing our knowledge, passion, and the joy that music can bring to a person’s life, whether as an active participant or an informed listener.

For more information about participation or availability of any of our programs or to support these activities, please contact us!

Conducting Apprenticeship

Arizona Pro Arte offers a conducting apprenticeship to one young musician studying music who is also interested in pursing conducting as a profession. The apprenticeship includes experiences learning about orchestral operations, involvement in artistic committees, mentoring sessions with Artistic Director Timothy Verville, and opportunities to observe and conduct the orchestra in rehearsal. Our current Apprentice Conductor is Janet Hoover.


In Schools

inHarmony: A Music Education Supplementary Program


When times are economically tough, the arts are often the first to be condensed or cut in public eduction. This puts a large strain on music educators, often placing them in overload situations, or asking them to perform duties that might be outside their area of expertise. The inHarmony program places our professional musicians in the classroom on a regular basis, supporting public school music teachers in youth instrumental education through masterclasses, group instruction, sectionals, individual lessons or other musical instructional needs. This special program raises the level of music education across the valley and directly interacts with young musicians.

Live Performances

Our live school performances have been heard by thousands of students in the valley. They create an experience which begins before any music is performed and concludes with reflections by the students afterwards. We create our educational concerts in collaboration with your school to focus on your academic requirements and goals.

Open Rehearsals

Select concerts have special open rehearsals in which students can observe the rehearsal process and see first hand what goes on before the concert to make the musical magic happen. Some open rehearsals may include a discussion with the conductor and/or musicians.


For Concertgoers

Pre/Post Concert DiscussionsAPA

Many of our concerts include pre/post concert discussions with guest artists, guest speakers, conductors, radio personalities, and musicians. These relaxed conversations allow audience members the opportunity to get to know more about music making, the arts, or any other topic that may come up, including an open mic session in which audience members ask any question they like. These discussion are  free for ticket holders. Please check each concert for specific details and availability.

Meet the Maestro

After most concerts, you can find our Artistic Director & Conductor Timothy Verville in the lobby speaking with audience members. This interactive experience gives you the opportunity to ask or comment on any aspect of music making.


For more information about participation or availability of any of our programs or to support these activities, please contact us!