Music Explorer’s Guide Series

So, what’s your relationship with Mozart like?  How about Bartok?  Stravinsky?  Ever heard of Arvo Pärt?

Maybe you have a long friendship with the classical music of the past and today, or maybe you have just a passing acquaintance but would like to know more.  But maybe you’re not exactly sure how to listen to the world’s great concert music and could use a few tools.

But let’s say you’re curious.

What makes great music so great?   What does it really take to develop a lasting love for it?  Do you have to study for years in order to really “get it?”  Do you have to be smart or come from an upper crust background?

Trust us – it’s in your grasp.  You just need a little coaching – fun coaching, the kind where you laugh, eat and drink while you explore and share great music with other “newbies” and old hands.  Sound good?

Arizona Pro Arte has been bringing unique and memorable classical music events to the valley for years.  And now we’re introducing the Music Explorer’s Guide Series beginning Friday, October 20th.

NEXT EVENT: January 26, 2018. More details coming soon!
Past Event: Music Explorer’s Guide: Mozart, October 20, 2017